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Runs commands or programs on the computer at the specified time and day. Works only when Schedule service is running.


AT [\\ComputerName] hh:mm [/interactive] [ /every:day(s) | /next:day(s) ] “command”

AT [\\ComputerName] [ [id] [/delete] | /delete [/yes]]

The first syntax adds an AT job, the second one removes it.

ComputerName – the name of remote computer. Do not enter this parameter to run commands or programs on local computer.

Hh:mm – the time when you want to run the program or command. Should be used in 24-hours notation.

Interactive – allows the command to interact with user logged on when the command runs.

Every – runs the command every specified day(s) of the week or month.

Next – runs the command on the next occurrence of the specified day.

Command – command or program to run.

Id – the number of scheduled job to be deleted (this number is given by AT command).

Delete – deletes the specified job or deletes all jobs if ID is not specified.

Yes – auto-accepts all system prompts while deleting the scheduled task.


Without parameters AT command displays the whole list of the scheduled tasks.

If you are not running an executable file (batch file, EXE file, etc.) you should explicitly call command prompt.

Days for ‘every’ and ‘next’ parameters have the following format:

m ‑ Monday

t ‑ Tuesday

w ‑ Wednesday

th ‑ Thursday

f ‑ Friday

s ‑ Saturday

su ‑ Sunday

Also you can use numbers to specify days, for example, 1 for Monday, etc.

You should have Local Administrator permissions to run AT command at the local machine or Domain Administrator permissions for remote machines.

With only extension specified it shows the current association for it.

With only extension and ‘=’ specified (no file type specified) it removes the association.


Run command every day:

AT 10.00 /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su make_backup.bat

Run once:

AT 10.00 /next:su backup2.bat

Remove all tasks:

AT /delete /yes


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