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Converts FAT/FAT32 partitions to NTFS.


CONVERT [Volume] /fs:ntfs [/v] [/cvtarea:FileName] [/nosecurity] [/x]

Volume – the drive to be converted.

/fs:ntfs – converts the file system to NTFS. Required.

/v – verbose output: all messages during the conversion will be displayed.

/cvtarea:FileName – makes the converter write Master File Table (MFT) and other NTFS metadata  to the existing, contiguous placeholder file.

/nosecurity – specifies that security settings of the converted files allow access for all users.

/x – dismount the volume before converting it, if necessary.


If CONVERT command cannot lock the specified drive, it will offer you the option to convert it next time when computer restarts.

You have to create the placeholder file with fsutil file createnew before running CONVERT command with /cvtarea option. This file must be placed in the root folder of the drive to be converted.

/cvtarea parameter lets you get less fragmented file system as a result.

Converted volumes has worse performance than volumes initially created as NTFS ones.


CONVERT f: /fs:ntfs


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