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Recalls and edits commands at the DOS prompt and creates macros.


DOSKEY [/reinstall] [/listsize=Size] [/macros:[all | ExeName] [/history] [/insert | /overstrike] [/exename=ExeName] [/macrofile=FileName] [MacroName=[Text]]

/reinstall – installs the new copy of DOSKEY and clears the commands buffer.

/listsize – limits the size of the commands buffer with the Size commands.

/macros – lists DOSKEY macros. /macros:all displays macros for all executable files, /macros:ExeName displays macros for the specified file.

/history – displays the commands stored in memory.

/insert – inserts text when you type it.

/overstrike ‑ overwrites text when you type it.

/exename – specifies the executable file (ExeName) in which the DOSKEY macro runs.

/macrofile – specifies the file with the macros you want to install.

MacroName – name for the macro.

Text – command to be recalled.


You must use DOSKEY before using a program. To use DOSKEY, a program must be a console one and must use buffered input.

You cannot run DOSKEY macro from batch files.

/macros option can be shortened to /m, /history option can be shortened to /h.

You can use some advanced definitions while creating macros:

$G is equivalent to > in batch files (redirects output)

$G$G ‑ >> (appends output to the end of file)

$L ‑ < (redirects input)

$B ‑ | (sends macro output to a command)

$T ‑ & (separates commands)

$$ ‑ $ (dollar-sign character)

$1-$9 ‑ %1-%9 (parameters by their numbers)

$* ‑ everything after macro name.

To delete a macro type DOSKEY MacroName =


Macro to open Notepad:

DOSKEY np=notepad.exe


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