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Compares two files and displays differences between them.


FC [/a] [/c] [/l] [/lbN] [/n] [/off[line]] [/t] [/u] [/w] [/NNNN] [Drive1:][Path1]FileName1 [Drive2:][Path2]FileName2


FC /b [Drive1:][Path1]FileName1 [Drive2:][Path2]FileName2

/a – abbreviates output (for ACSII mode comparison): displays only the first and the last lines for each set of differences.

/b – binary mode comparison.

/c – case-insensitive comparison (ASCII mode).

/l – line-by-line comparison (ASCII mode). Default comparison mode.

/lbN – sets the limit for line buffer (N is maximum amount of mismatches, after reaching this limit the comparison will be stopped).

/n – displays line numbers (ASCII mode).

/off and /offline – doesn’t skip files with offline attribute.

/t – prevents converting tabs to spaces (ASCII mode).

/u – compares files as Unicode text files.

/w – compresses tabs and spaces for comparison (ASCII mode).

/NNNN – number of consecutive lines that must match after a mismatch to continue comparison.

[Drive1:][Path1]FileName1 – the first file to compare. Wildcards (*,?) are allowed.

[Drive2:][Path2]FileName2 – the second file to compare. Wildcards (*,?) are allowed.


The default value of line buffer limit is 100.

In binary mode FC command displays the differences for pairs of bytes situated by the same address in the binary file. In ASCII mode FC command compares the lines in text files.


Compare two text files:

FC /l c:\First.txt d:\Second.txt

Compare two binary files:

FC /b c:\First.exe d:\Second.exe


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