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Searches for the specified string in text file(s) and reports lines found with that string.


FIND [/v] [/c] [/n] [/i] [/off[line]] “String” [[Drive:][Path]FileName[...]]

/v – displays lines that don’t contain the specified string.

/c – counts lines containing the string.

/n – displays line numbers.

/i – case-insensitive search.

/off and /offline – doesn’t skip files with offline attribute.

String – the required text to search for.

[Drive:][Path]FileName – file(s) or folder(s) where you want to search for the specified text. Wildcards are NOT allowed.


By default, FIND command performs case-sensitive search.

If the search string contains quotes, you should use double quotes to make FIND understand this.

If you omit the FileName parameter, FIND command will search for the specified string in the standard input.

If you specify /n and /c together, FIND command will count the amount of strings NOT containing the specified search string.

Search string should not contain carriage returns.

The maximum line length for files supported by FIND command is 1070 characters.


Find text “Not for sale” in Ads folder:

FIND “Not for sale” C:\Work\Ads


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