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Sets, changes or removes command line environment variables.


SET [Variable=[String]]

SET [/p] Variable=[PromptString]

SET /a Variable=Expression

Variable – the name of the environment variable to be set or modified.

String – value of the specified variable.

/p – makes SET command to prompt user for the value of Variable.

PromptString – prompt message text.

/a – makes SET command to evaluate the Variable numeric value from the specified expression.

Expression – expression to evaluate.


If you use SET command without any parameters, current environment settings will be displayed.

All command line environment variables are strings by default.

To use special character to a variable (<,>,|,&,^), you should first add ^ character before it.

To delete a variable, you should just assign it no value.

For evaluating expressions with SET, you can use the following operators:

You can use all operators in C-style like +=, -= etc.

To use hexadecimal numbers, start them with 0x, to use octal numbers, start them with 0.


Simple assignment:

SET Myvar=Some_value^&Another_part^^of_value

Assignment prompt:

SET /p Myvar=Set the variable


SET /a Myvar=2*(2+2)


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