Dr.Batcher 2.0: The Simplest Way to Create Batch Files

Mental Works Computing Software announces Dr.Batcher 2.0 ‑ new version of the award-winning utility for creating and editing batch files. Using this version of Dr.Batcher one can create full-featured batch scripts without knowing their syntax and commands.

Though batch scripting is quite an old scripting technique came from the age of DOS, today batch files are still popular among home users, programmers and system administrators. Batch scripts provide users with the simplest but yet powerful scripting language available for Windows platform and helps to automate the work. With the help of Dr.Batcher 2.0 creating and editing batch files become simple as it has never been before.

Dr.Batcher 2.0 is designed both for users that have never created batch files before and for those who have experience in batch scripts creation. In addition to professional source code editor supporting syntax highlighting, tooltips on command parameters and bookmarks, now Dr.Batcher also has visual editor of batch script which allows user creating powerful batch script in a few mouse clicks. Visual editor delivers creators of batch scripts from remembering dozens of commands and hundreds of their parameters, and allows focusing on the scripts behavior instead of its syntax. While editing a batch file, user can switch between visual editor (Simple mode) and text editor (Professional mode) at any time he wants.

Dr.Batcher supports more than 140 commonly used commands. In this version users can extend the list of supported commands creating XML files of special format. Version 2.0 of Dr.Batcher also provides user with improved interface. Search features of new version provide one-click search in Google, Bing or Yahoo! for information on commands. With the help of information from favorite search engine user can solve problems regarding the usage of any commands in fast and easy way. Redesigned Environment Variables dialog now allows to view even very long variables, and new help system contains detailed information about the process of batch files creation in Dr.Batcher.

New version of Dr.Batcher allows exporting batch files to HTML, RFT and TeX formats saving syntax highlighting in output files. The utility is tested for compatibility with Windows 7 and can be run under this operating system.


Dr.Batchers Official Web Site: http://www.drbatcher.com

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