New Dr.Batcher Comes with Support for Compiling Batch Files to Executables

October 25, 2010. Dr.Batcher, the award-winning tool for creating and editing batch files, is updated to version 2.1. This version comes with support for converting batch files into Windows executables (EXE files).

Though batch files can be run under any Microsoft’s operating system from MS-DOS to Windows 7, it is not really handy and easy to distribute them in their original form. Batch files often require additional 3rd-party scripts or console applications to be run, and while distributing such batch file to its users one should include all additional tools to the package. If a batch file and all additional files are packaged with ZIP or other archives, a user has to create temporary folder and unpack contents of ZIP to this folder. This takes additional time and makes a customer a bit angry. New version of Dr.Batcher allows you to avoid such unpleasant situations by converting a batch script and all additional files to a single EXE file.
Dr.Batcher 2.1 comes with user-friendly wizard that helps its customer to create executable file in a few mouse clicks. The output EXE file can be protected from reverse engineering with encryption. Dr.Batcher allows user to create batch files running in two different modes: console and invisible. In the first mode batch file is being executed as an ordinary console application, and in the second one it runs ‘silently’ producing no output to the screen. User can include any amount of additional scripts, applications and other files to the EXE.

Among other improvements, released in Dr.Batcher 2.1, new auto-update wizard and support for automatic saving execution output to the log file specified by user should be mentioned. Updated help system will be guiding customers through their learning new features of Dr.Batcher 2.1.

New version of Dr.Batcher still supports a large amount of standard and extended commands for batch files. Users can extend the list of supported commands creating XML files of special format. Advanced users can use professional script editor with syntax highlighting, tooltips on command parameters and bookmarks, and those who is novice to create batch files can use powerful visual editor helping to write batch scripts without knowing syntax and commands. Editing a batch file, user can switch between visual editor (Simple mode) and text editor (Professional mode) any time he wants.

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